[Feature Request] Attach actor with character and keep actor properties active

Currently when i attache an actor (static mesh), to a character (mostly AI/NPC), the mesh actors properties, like he moves are decided entirely by the character BP. Though, with physics constraints we can keep physics between actors, but this doesn’t seem to work with characters.

Static mesh with wheels, on attache the wheels keep spinning, but both the wheels and static mesh, connected to the wheels - loose their collision properties. And enabling physics for the attached mesh actor does not seem to work either, because basically i do not want physics in this example, i just want so sort of collisions, and a movement connector, which makes the connected mesh move in accordance with basic movement, while keeping collisions.

What is missing is a constraint, or node feature, to separate character movement, and the movement properties of the mesh actor.

I hope this makes sense, i was looking at various vehicle setups, and physics examples, but none of those seem to deal with characters and attached actors.