[FEATURE REQUEST] Assign Curve Variables To Timelines From Within Blueprint


Right now one can make a curve directly in a timeline or assign an external curve resource from the content browser. However, it is not possible to say, set the curve of a timeline to a curve variable from within the construction script. This would be an awesome feature as it’d allow for some neat BP customization options. Is this technically feasible?

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Damir H.


I’ve since managed a workaround (See this image, the curve in the timeline goes linear 0-1), but this still relies on me setting the curve variable from an external source on the blueprint. Is it possible to have curve literals, with direct access to their editors within the details panel? I hope I managed to make myself somewhat clear :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know if there’s a clean way to do this yet?

To elaborate, I have a base class that performs an action based on a timeline node and I want each child class to use its own unique data curve to customize the behavior of the timeline.

I’m a bit uncertain about the workaround described in the OP and unless I’m missing something the duration of the timeline will always constant in this workaround as the curve is being used to only the data and not the duration itself, right?

Did anybody solve this by now?
I also want to use a set of pre animated curves to swap them out depending on different buttons being pressed in the scene.

I wish the timeline blueprint node had a set of “input animation curve” entry points that you could feed animation curves into.

Using C++ timelines might do the trick as you get to procedurally specify which curve track you want to add to your timeline (unlike Blueprints where adding curves to a timeline appears to be manual process only right now)


I haven’t had a need to try this yet, although I’ll probably revisit the problem in the near future for the issue that I originally reported above.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your feedback for requesting an awesome new feature within the Editor. I have submitted a feature request to our developers. If for any reason this request needs to be referred to, please provide the following: UE-13324

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is there an official way to do this yet? it’s been 7 years since the last update here?

Is this what you’re looking to do, @Jode187?

I ended up using this method