[Feature Request] Asset Packaging

Hi Guys,

I would like to request the ability to package arbitrary assets into a standalone package file(just a plain old zip file for example). This would be just like migration, however the migration is delayed, in the form of storing it into a package file. This file could then be given to other users(or stored on a website) and they could then import the package file into their own project.

I user would select an asset and select “Create Package File…”. This would then show them all dependencies for that asset, and allow them to store the file as a local archive of some sort, for example MyAwesomeDoorAsset.upkg. The local archive could be compressed and would contain the uasset files and some sort of information file(JSON or XML), which the editor would use for extra asset info.

A user could then give this package file to another user and they would be able to securely import the package file into their project. The import process would automatically create folders and fix up references to objects etc.