[Feature Request] Android - Live Wallpaper mode

Please implement running Unreal Engine on Android as live wallpaper. Similar plugin “Uni2LwP” is already created for Unity3D.

We’ve already created a dozen of 3D live wallpapers without any 3rd-party engines and some ideas simply can’t be implemented without full-featured engine.
Utilizing such powerful engine as UE will allow us to create more interactive and “alive” live wallpapers.

I think using UE4 for live wallpaper is kind of overkill

Tappy Chicken starts faster than any Unity3D-based live wallpaper I’ve tested. Of course it has not much content but live wallpapers won’t have too much content either. This makes me believe it is quite suitable for live wallpapers.
And initial startup time is the most critical for live wallpaper because after that live wallpapers consume resources only when home screen is visible. Of course, if user stares at homescreen for too long that will make battery drain faster compared to static live wallpaper.

I second this, this would be a great feature.

Thanks for also expressing this Keaukraine.

Otherwise, do you think it would be too much of a frontier to modify the Android manifest, etc in order to do so?

This post seems to be the best starting point I could find;

A very high quality and updated HD wallpapers from http://gallery.mobile9.com/c/android-wallpapers/1/. Really recommend it to those who hunting for up to date version of wallpaper.