[FEATURE REQUEST] Allow to Clamp Delta game-wide

Hi there, I have a Request regarding the FrameRate.

Let’s say we design our game in 30FPS and we do some traces every frame.
When travelling around for 3 seconds, the 30FPS Player will trace 30*3 = 90 times.

Now Lets try this with a player of 15 FPS.
Again 3 seconds: 15FPS * 3 seconds = 45 times.

Something that is inacceptable. The Game does not recognize objects it should when running lower than 30FPS.

We can use a fixed FrameRate yes. But I would like to do a different thing:
Clamp the Delta that is computed for everything.

If the Delta is clamped to 1/30 = 0.0333333… The game will trace as much as as a 30FPS game when travelling the same distance (it will just do it slower).
It would also mean that Games faster than 30FPS just run smoother with no sideeffects. Only slower machines run slower.

I know there are problems with Multiplayer, but SinglePlayer games should be predictable here.