Feature Request: allow ini editing and key mapping through BluePrint

I’ve released a commercial game that was made 100% out of BluePrint. It is a solid way to get your game out if you are not a programmer and I had to cut a few corners through console commands, but in general I have a stand alone game with almost AAA like options and performance - entirely made out of BluePrint.

However, there are two things that are currently not optimal.

  1. Please allow the configuration of key mappings (bindings) through BluePrint. There is currently only the option to use Rama’s plugin, but for whatever reason the plugin makes my game crash. I would love to see a way to give players options to remap their keys in game - made possible through BP.

  2. This maybe goes hand in hand with 1. There is currently no way to interact, read or change the configuration ini files from the engine through BluePrint. For example I give players the options to change screen resolution, full screen and all kinds of video settings - but I have to do that through console commands, which is not optimal. Some players have difficulties with their full screen somehow resetting between map transitions - I assume these issues are hardware based, but I’m confident that it could be avoided if BluePrint would actually change the engine configuration files for the game instead of executing console commands during runtime.

Thank you very much for such a great engine, it’s a pleasure to work with :slight_smile:

When I read the title of this I was going to point you towards Rama’s Victory Plugin. I have used this plug in for the exact functionally you are requesting. I have not had any problems with it. It would be nice if this was in the core engine code but Rama’s plugin is a great solution otherwise. Have you posted that your game crashes in the victory thread of the forums? Someone there might be able to find a solution to this (likely before it becomes a core feature).