[FEATURE REQUEST] Alembic Groom strand Widths automatically adjust with import scale multipliers

I have been working with the Alembic grooms for a while and the project is modeled/groomed at a tiny scale so we are having to scale them by a factor of 10 on asset import.
This is not a big deal, except that the groom width values do not get automatically scaled on import to match the adjusted import scale. This means the width is miniscule or if the asset is scaled down, ginormous by default. I noticed that a some of the other assets in Unreal auto adjust values when you do scaling operations (cameras from USD(s) appear to do this), and it would be nice if the widths would automatically be scaled for default state values on import as well (or was an import option). This would seem safer to me, rather than scaling the base groom width multiplier in the asset which can then be edited by anyone, and may or may not be set properly.