[FEATURE REQUEST] Adding gradients to collision boxes

Hi guys,

I did a quick test in a third person blueprint last night.
Character walking on a ledge / rock.
It worked fine after I set the collision of the rock to complex - simple.
However as the character reaches the edge it just suddenly jumps / falls off the rock.
In real life you would start sliding / slipping slowly and eventually fall off it of course.
Just wondering if this could be added as a feature in the future or if there is a way to do this already.
In other words add some kind of gradient to the collision box.
Give it a “soft edge”. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

By the way this feature does exist in the original Far Cry that came out in 2004. You would stand on rocks and if you go too far “over” on the slope you would start sliding before you fall. You could also “run up against” slippery slopes and if you ran fast enough you could get up against it.
Pretty cool actually. A very realistic feeling. That game was so ahead of its time in many ways. You could crawl in that game too which is rarely seen in games today.