[FEATURE REQUEST] Add notes option to Blueprints and Materials

The commenting is great for organizing but it would be very useful to have Note support within Materials and Blueprints.
You could add a note with more detail about specific sections, the math formula, coding issues, etc. just like if you were coding in C++
See Nuke compositing software for example of node notes. Basically like Comment creation but with text area to type into.

+1… It’d be useful… Especially if we had the ability to draw multiple arrows to highlight specific code or interconnected parts, with more control over fonts than comments offer right now. The ability to paste in anim-gifs next to code sections would be extremely helpful for combining tutorials and code for example.:wink:

Just as a follow up I found this on the Market Place. I have not used it yet but thought I’d post here if others are looking for this functionality.