Feature Request: add multi-select when adding to cart

#FeatureRequest A simple thing in the Fab store that would be great to request, using CTRL or Shift + click to select several assets from the store and being able to be added to “cart”, so we can batch several assets at once as referenced objects to our content browser, or after selecting several assets from the search window, being able to drag them all at once for the scene, this is less eficient in the search as it would be only for free or already purchased assets, as if you use ctrl + click to select several itens you like and adding them in group to the cart, would be the best way as we could select and add paid assets to the cart list, or favourite list.

Or a button (+ add to cart) for all assets available.
I think its more efficient to click (+ button to add) several assets to cart and then click in cart to add them in content browser, than to click and drag single assets individually. Hope i explained well, as this is my first post in here! Thank you all guys!

Hey @HUGG3D! Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll add your +1 to the ticket.

If anyone else finds this a useful suggestion, please use the ‘vote’ button at the top of this page to vote it up, thanks :slight_smile: