[Feature Request] Add Lock Actor Movement icons to Scene Outliner for advanced locks

Currently, to lock an actor object into place you have follow a drill down path of: Right click the actor object -> Hover on Transform -> Click on the “Lock Actor Movement” checkbox.

  1. When you are working with many objects that you have to LOCK and UNLOCK back and forth, constantly following this path becomes too slow and cumbersome.
  2. It’s also a little frustrating that once an object is locked, there is no icon or message to indicate that it is locked when viewing the Scene Outliner.
  3. A great solution would be to add a column of dark dots to the right side of the visibility icons, and when clicked a lock icon would appear and initiate the “Lock Actor Movement” function.
  4. Clicking a dot next to a folder would show a lock icon and create an advanced ability to quickly LOCK all objects within that folder. All folder objects would show a lock icon next to them, however, they could also still be unlocked individually.
  5. In reverse, unlocking a folder would UNLOCK all objects within that folder even if individual objects were in locked or unlocked states. This would create an advanced ability to quickly CLEAR all locked objects within a folder.

This mock-up image demonstrates how the locking icons would work in the Scene Outliner:


I agree, that would actually be quite helpful, especially with larger maps.