[Feature Request] Add in Load Custom Layout and make the Layout section more usable

The Window -> Layout section needs to be more useful.

Please add the ability to load in a custom layout. At the moment, when I create a new project, I have to rework all of my panels to the layout structure I prefer. I would be great if I could load in my favorite layout at the beginning of a new project and go from there. Also the current Layout text descriptions should be made to be more understandable. It would be helpful to add in the words “Default” and “Custom” for clarity.

Reset Layout… → Reset to Default Layout…
Save Layout → Save Custom Layout
(New Feature) → Load Custom Layout



I agree, it’s kinda annoying sometimes, whenever I create a new project, even for some tests, I put aside a 5 minute section, just to get the layout how I want it to be, saving and restoring feature is already there, they just need to add a profile feature which can list them and let you choose which one to restore manually when you need.

A custom load which lets you pick a layout file from your disk would work too, but then they need to separate the layout file, if it’s not already done, and also it’s more work comparing to just pick one form the populated list, but generally speaking, both ways get the job done.