Feature Request; Abillity to display an Content Details panel for selected asset

Hello Epic.

I have this situation where several actors are only spawned runtime.
At the moment when i want to change some vars on these actors, i must open the blueprint editor, goto detail panel and change some vars.

It would be very handy - workflow wise - to be able to change these vars directly in a details panel that’s attached to the content-browser.
Also for comparing 2 or more assets in the content browser, it would be handy to be able to open several detail panels.
(Like its now already possible for actors placed in the world.)

I hope i explained this all correctly.

Is it possible to implement this feature (if more people would like to have this and if Epic finds this convenient ), or is this already possible and missed i something???

BTW, Great engine!!!

Looking forward for your response.

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Hi gpvd,

If you select the eye icon next to variables in your blueprint it makes them public, that way you can edit them from the details pane.

Uhm, what i mean is a detail panel for assets in the content-browser, instead of the world outliner.
This way, actors that aren’t placed in the world (e.g. actors only used for runtime spawning) could be modified quickly. (without opening blueprint editor -> going to details panel and change settings there)



Hi gpvd,

That is what I mean as well. If you look at your viewport before opening the blueprint and select a copy of your blueprint in the level, the details pane should appear, showing various pieces of data for your to adjust. If, in your blueprint you press the eye icon next to a variable then compile, that variables information should show up on the main viewport details pane, allowing you to adjust the variable without opening the blueprint window again.

I think what he meant is if you select something in Content Browser then details panel should show the details of that selected asset.


I mean when a blueprint is just an asset, not yet placed in the level.
Having a details panel directly in the contentbrowser where you can set initial values of public vars.

Sorry if i explained this not clear enough…


Oh I understand now! Thank you both for the clarification. I have entered a feature request, UE-11340 to be considered by the development staff.

Try right-clicking on the asset and selecting property matrix.

Michael Noland

Many thanks all of you.

The property matrix is what is was looking for.

Case closed :wink:

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