[Feature Request] Ability to scale blueprint timeline's time value.

I often find myself needing to scale the time (not the output values) of timelines. It would be nice to have an optional input for time scale. So say your timeline lasts for 1 second, but you want to be able to scale it to different lengths on a per blueprint basis. So the input would literally just take the scale input value and multiply it by the timeline length. For a 1 second timeline you input 2, you now have a 2 second timeline. Input 10, 10 second timeline. This would allow us to create an exposed variable in the BP which you can then modify in the level editor on a per blueprint basis.

Simply call Set Play Rate on Timeline. It’s there since beginning :slight_smile:

[USER=“69”]Doctor Ergot[/USER] Never realized that was a thing before. But still, why is this a separate node? I still think this would be nice to have on the Timeline node itself… But for now the play rate node will work fine. Thanks for the tip!

There are many things you can set, if all of them would be on the Timeline node itself, it’d be 10km long (and it’s already too big), I guess that’s why they can only be set separately,

Unless you know the Play-Rate node from other uses in BP etc its easy to miss it. But as regards the point above…
Two things Epic dropped in the move from UDK to UE4 was hiding Functional Pins and killing off Draggable Pins.
The 2nd helped reduce crossed wires while the 1st kept functionality all in one place. Neither increased node size.

Makes a lot of sense guys. Sorry for the late reply, was in Cali on a short vacation with the fam-bam. I appreciate the insight though, really helpful!