[Feature request] A method of overriding the drawing of a component details pane

One of the features I use a lot with Unity is a custom “component inspector”. Basically it allows me to write a custom details pane renderer for my own components. For example having a database component with add/remove buttons for items etc.

Can I request a similar kind of thing? basically it would require some method of overriding the responsibility of drawing the details pane of components and/or types. With custom markup allowing different types of override. Instead of using the default type drawing used by the reflection, it looks up the class responsible for drawing a type based on component. Unity does the override per-component but also allows a global “per type” override which is enabled by attribute decoration in the declaration so for instance a decoration of [Range] would create a custom drawer with a range slider instead of the typical float edit field.

I know its not exactly a glamour feature, but its the kind of usability thing I think is worth taking on board.

You should already be able to do this:

Ah, thanks Jeff, not an area I’d looked at (slate and all), but thats good to know.