[Feature Request] A list of features

Here my list of features/changes needed in this amazing engine:


  • Add old style decals (plane)(at drop to the scene detect the model or BSP and place in the surface automatic.

  • Add blueprint/c++ splines nodes rotation. (Like here)

  • Intro videos select individual skippable videos.

  • Add support to use in blueprints block volumes or BSP.

  • Add some type of waypoints to use for example in air navigation of IA…

  • Models hidden distance selection as LOD.

  • In project options select the LOD transition system (normal or soft)

  • Add network options in project like enable to clients spawn things.

  • In the ortho view editor at edit BSP add option like in Radiant Editor or Source, ( move the faces when drag next to a side without select the side or the axis) this speedup the build process, work like when select in edit mode with ctrl and drag but with auto select the BSP sides. Example Image

  • Add cylinder shape collision for pipes, bottles, …

  • Mesh or texture depth render priority.

  • Update Automatically Navigation and BSP need update by zones or something because the performance is poor, i got large freezes and fps drops to 10fps in the editor for example in ctf ut maps.

  • Optimize the scene capture camera non 2D because eat all engine fps from the cap to 45fps.

General (in roadmap):

  • Volumetric light options.
  • Patch system in with Pak files.
  • Add LOD soft transitions.
  • More/Change collision models/options in the player pawn.

Add to Unreal:

  • Add some usefull plugins to Unreal like: Varest, iTween!, Rama’s Extra Blueprint, and changes like this


  • Add examples/docs of level system and unlocks.
  • More tutorials/docs about network, replicated classes, options in classes.
  • Add examples of storage/save profile of player in binary encrypted and save in editable cfg/ini settings.
  • Add tutorial/manual with the default controls and tricks at edit BSP.


  • In shooter demo add animations to the weapons at reload magazine.

Hi Hgdavidy,
You can find Patching Support on Epic Games backlog here Trello (be sure to vote :D)

While back in November Epic Games has started to look into and develop DLC Support which should be wrapped up and shipped in Unreal Engine 4.7 or 4.8. The Trello card for DLC Support can be found here Trello

Personally I am confused as to why DLC gains a higher priority over DLC however I am sure they have their reasons for that internally on the Epic Games engineering team.

Yes i see some of features from my list in Trello but no idea why the (Prefabs, Geometry editor 2.0, Sphere/Box support for Character Movement (This need cylinders or cylinders for normal shapes), Patching) are in the bottom, and yes no idea why the DLCs go first than the Patchs.
I go to vote but look the cards with 350 votes are in the bottom without date but the cards with 30 votes are in the top…

If you think about what each one means, it might make more sense. DLC is additive package files, patches are overridable package files. On the road to one, you’ll basically pass by the other, why not finish the simpler one first?

As for roadmap priorities, while I can’t speak for Epic directly, I know from experience that choosing tasks is a combination of immediate need (for active projects), internal resources (programmers mostly not interchangeable), complexity (geometry 2.0 a good example of something that is really many things with many disciplines involved), and desire. The last one is where community votes weigh in, and help when choosing between multiple tasks, but you have to understand that it has less of an effect than other pieces, especially since the signal-to-noise ratio on these kinds of feature voting systems is pretty poor (some people voting for nearly everything rather than things most important, and misguided ballet-stuffing being the most common quirks). It’s still better to vote for the things you need, and let Epic know here what your priorities are (lists are good for discovery, but it makes it harder to pull out priorities). If they know they have a lot of holes in a certain area, it might influence their hiring priorities as well.