[Feature Request] _LOD Naming Convention

Pretty please think about making _LOD naming convention as an importing technique for Level of Detail objects.
The current LOD importing method doesn’t work with many objects in the same scene on import.
Having it like the _UCX method would be faaaaantastic.

That is all :slight_smile:

this has already been requested twice before, although as I agree +1 the request:)

Ah yeah sorry, this can be removed if you wish :slight_smile:
Just my projects sitting in limbo until I can either get some scripts happening through 3ds max or UE4 corporates this change :slight_smile:
getting twitchy without working on UE

nah, the way I see it the more people ask for it the more likely we are to get it;)

max’s fbx supports multiple LOD’s doesn’t it so shouldn’t you be able to import your mesh and LOD’s in one go anyway?(without the need for the naming convention), also couldn’t you just import the LOD’s separately?

Yes it supports multiple LOD exports, but in my scene I have thousands of objects and then a lower poly object of each one of those.
To get each LOD to work you have to setup a group for the high poly model and the low poly model, and then add the Level of Detail modifier to it and then add that group into it. Doing this for 7,000 objects is very time consuming :slight_smile:
If I knew anything about script writing it could probably be done that way :frowning:

+1 for this request.

terrible, terrible the way it works right now…

So can we _LOD import yet? :slight_smile: