[Feature Request] 3D space/VR compatible cursor

A 3D space/VR compatible cursor would solve issue with current cursor in VR.

-Current cursor is displayed only once all accross the display devices. While it’s comfortable for “flatscreen”, it just doesnt work as intended with VR HMD as the screen is split to make 1 screen for each eye.
-A way would be to crop the area where the cursor can move so it can’t get out of the “eye-screen” and being able to duplicate the drawing of it to the other eye
-Another way would be to make it as an world actor, so it’s rendered like any other 3d object in VR
-Using UMG in VR will finally be fully functionnal. Currently, if there is a way to use trace to make button press on UMG, it would rather be time consumming compared to VR cursor.


I experimented a bit to see how and why the classic cursor isn’t working. I already known that the fact the screen was devided by 2 would cause the problem. But here are some explanations.
So what we have here, is the game image on a flat screen. The red square represents a widget button.
So here no problem, we just have to click it.

Then we have the Stereoscopic 3D version of the render. What i though at first, is that we had to click either one of the square. The fact is that the cursor can only be on one eye.

I removed the lenses of my DK2 to see what was going on, and i discovered that even if the game is rendered in Stereoscopic, all the interactions are virtually on a flat screen. It means the red square on this image is at the exact same position as the first, non stereo render.
I hope it can help