[Feature Request] 24-Hours clock as option inside Get UTC Time nodes

Please add an option to select to read/display 24-hours clock into “UTCNow” or/and into “AsTime (from UTC)” Get Nodes. I have them both in one of my BPs to display current timezone time. This is cool feature, but why it dispalys time in that 12-hours AM/PM format only? My Windows clock says that is 20:03 now, but game converts it into an completely alien for me format with those AM/PM abracadabras. Why in hell engine can’t read exact value from my OS time? Or please be fair and politically correct or tolerant and add an option to select what time view system to display. Or to read players location and show time depending on that. Most of the World understands and uses 24-hours system so why AM/PM only? This is a nonsence. This is similar if you don’t let us to use metric system in editor and forced us to use that cave Imperial measurement system only. Thanks in advance!

P.S. I expect the same is true for the Date. Mouth/Date/Year - this is strange, because days are changes first, than mounts, than years - so logic system is Day/Mouth/Year. Try to count time using Hours/Seconds/Minutes:) So why broken/old british system must be here? At least give us an options to select what system to use. This will be so fair!

If someone else interesting to have 24-hours clock - i found a very simple solution. Add ‘Set Current Culture’ Node for example in Function where you get UTC Time (‘UtcNow’ > ‘AsTime (From UTC)’). Type something in ‘Culture’ String field (EU for example).