Feature proposal : automatic filter in the editor using meta on properties


I was just thinking of a feature which could help to set properties in the editor.

Let’s say you have a property of type UAnimMontage. In the editor, when you click on the down arrow to select a montage, the list is filled with all the montages. This list can be huge.

It would be cool to be able to allow the editor to pre-filter the assets based on a meta variable in the UPROPERTY declaration.

Let’s imagine the property refers to a montage of a pawn shooting with a 2 handed weapon, the programmer could set something like:

UPROPERTY( EditAnywhere, meta=(EditorFilterName="Shoot_2H_*")

and in the editor, it would by default display all montages starting with this prefix.

Maybe this feature already exists, but I had a quick look in the header files of the engine and couldn’t find anything looking like that.

Hi Zoubi,

I made the CB filters somewhat extendable in 4.8, and also added a filter for searching for specific values on AssetRegistrySearchable data (which in the case of a montage includes the Skeleton and Curve IDs). These changes only affect full content browsers, not asset pickers, but I figured it might be useful info for you anyways.

Also, in case you didn’t know, for custom assets/classes, you can tag properties as AssetRegistrySearchable or override GetAssetRegistryTags in order to add metadata about the asset that is searchable in the content browser or asset picker even if the asset is not loaded in memory. Most of the columns in the Content Browser ‘view…columns’ are this sort of tag (name, type, and size are special).

Michael Noland


Michael Noland

Thanks for your answer and explanations.

But unfortunately, the links to the attachments are broken

But still, the feature I’m talking about would be IMO a good one. I’m developing a basket ball game (like NBA Jam) and have a few dunks as montages.

I have a structure I edit in the editor, with a pointer to UAnimMontage, and it MUST be one of those dunk montages.

All my dunk montages are prefixed with : AM_Dunk_

It would be great to avoid potential errors to be able to add this prefix to the property attributes, so I’m sure by default only dunks are displayed in the asset picker :slight_smile: