[FEATURE PROBLEM] Isometric camera multiple issues

I can’t be the only one noticing this but using the parallel/orthographic/isometric camera causes many issues with shadows, maps, zdepth and other glitches/bugs. To rectify this in my prototype game I use a perspective camera with a large zoom to remove perspective distortion. Upon doing this I run into new problems such as, the camera being very far from the character so shadows and other visual fx are being clipped or set to a lower quality due to the distance.

Can someone explain how the parallel camera is to be used and what the drawbacks are. I look forward to using UE4 to make an isometric, low poly game like the style adopted by Crossy Road.

Did you ever find a fix for your problem ?

And did you find any solutions?


I did, I switched to using a normal camera with a plugin that sort of simulates what I need …
I know this is not what you wanted to hear though