Feature pack

I noticed that when I add templete to a project some files are lost. How can I solve this problem?

No problems if I create a project with first person templare, but when I create a new Project without template and I add first person pack I lose some blueprints and others change.

How can I solve this problem?

It depends on how you are adding the first person content. It also depends on the version of Unreal the content was created. Files copied across to a project could be overwriting existing files.

It seems you have a conflict of version or file name conflicts. It could also be that files are not in right file structure.
These are just thing to check.

To add content: add new-> content and feature pack → I select first person and I click add
I am using ue4.13
I don’t think that files copied overwrote existent files because it is the first time that I add this content. When I created the project I added only the starter content and the demo kit and I hadn’t problem with the second one.
Do you think that could be folders with the same name?

I just did a test adding the feature pack and also noticed differences as well.

I don’t usually add the first person blueprints with this method, so I am just now seeing this issue. I would suggest instead of add the first person feature, migrate files from another project. Be sure to copy over the config files so the inputs are working.

Thanks. It works. I have another question. What does “export…” means? What can I export and why i should export something.