Feature needed for Structures

Structures in Blueprint are very nice indeed.

We just need to have a getter and a setter for each variable in the structure… so we don’t need to “Break Structure”, take values, modify, and then “Make Structure”.

Am I missing something? Is it already there?

Just make a function that makes your struct on the inside. Then create an input on the function for each member in the struct and connect them on the inside to the make struct, and then set struct.

Then all you need to do is drop your function in the graph and put an input onto the member you want to change.

Yeah, I’m doing that now…

It’s just that it’s not very clean for something that 100s of people would probably want to do anyway.

I don’t know, the current setup keeps everything clean and visible. I think being able to individually set struct members would just hide information and make it more confusing. That isn’t even including how it would muddle up the context menu.

I see your point.
But as it is now it is basically only usable for storing once and then reading. Not for manipulating since you need to remove the instance and add a new one. It limits its use. In my opinion anyway.

After seeing PostProcessing struct I’m praying for single property getter :smiley:

Well that is generally what structs are for I believe. Storing variables. Organization over manipulation.

Why pass a X, Y, and Z when you can just pass the Vector? Or why pass the Vector, the Rotation, and the Scale when you can just pass the Transform?

How does it limit it’s use? I make and break vectors millions of times in even the simplest map generation. Making and breaking a struct is the same “Set” function as you would have with any other variable. The Make and Break are just inputs and outputs.

Ok, yes in that case that single struct needs some special consideration… I am still looking for a map just to find my way around that thing… :stuck_out_tongue: