[FEATURE] Most Right-Click Legacy Options are Missing

Build Info
Version: 1808360

Install Path: C:/Program Files/Rocket

OS: Windows 8 64-bit

RAM: 24 GB

Graphics Card: GTX 650 Ti 2GB GDDR5 – Driver 314.22


The most helpful right-click menu options are no longer available to content developers.

Repro Steps
Load a map. Use right-click anywhere on the screen.

Notice the lack of options.

Many of the most commonly used Right-Click sub-menu options are carried over from UE3.

The aforementioned sub-menu is organized as a Quad Menu System similar to 3ds max. This results in a smaller menu but with more options which are classified and set into Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, and Lower Right Menu Categories.

These Categories contain commonly used tools.

The Quad Menu can be customized.

We have considered doing a quad menu. It is something we are still thinking about. The context menu was very large in UE3 and we are trying to keep it smaller for Rocket. Can you be more specific about the features you feel are missing from the context menu?

If I can suggest at least one thing : bring back the “convert” menu, it’s very useful to make StaticMesh as interp actor or converting a light into an other type without losing the settings (llike color and brightness).

Currently you have to go inside the Class Viewer and bring a new actor manually and also copy the properties manually. It’s a waste of time.

Interp actor was actually removed. To achieve the same thing you can simply change the mobility setting to “movable” when the mesh is visible in the details panel. The convert menu for other classes such as lights is available in the details panel as well under the actor category. We have plans to make changing light types easier in future builds. The convert menu does work for lights though.