[FEATURE IDEA] Interface - Tabs - "Reopen Closed Tab"

I’d say that my normal workflow involves juggling multiple tabs.

I just envisioned myself right-clicking in the blank space next to a tab and having the option to “Reopen recently closed tabs”

Google chrome has a similar feature. (However chrome only reopens your last closed tab)

I’m imagining a drop down box with a list of tabs you recently closed.

It would save the trouble of clicking filters / clicking folders in asset tree.


I would limit this feature from the main editor window.

Hi Alexander,

I am looking for a bit of clarification on this request, since I am not certain I understand how restoring tabs would prevent you from needing to click on filters and Asset Tree folders in the Content Browser.

For the types of tabs you would like to have re-opened, do you mean (for example) the Content Browser, Details, Tools, Scene Outliner, etc?

Thanks for any more information.

Not the interface tabs (details, tools). Things such as blueprints, materials, meshes, particle effects. (Things that you normally use the content browser to locate and open.)

Okay, thank you for explaining. I now understand that you are trying to re-open assets in their respective sub-editors after closing them.

I agree that this could be useful, and I have entered a report for this request.