Feature Idea - group saving

Would it be possible to add a feature to the engine to save groups of actors as an asset so you could re-use them like any other static mesh?

If you think about static meshes and i suppose quite all common actors in a level except blueprints ( and, as i have just check, it seems you even can add blueprints too), you can select all what you want and then use replace with composited blueprint to have it grouped and re-usable. (or maybe you think about something else.)

this does not work like this for me (for what ive tried)
try joining 2 meshes with a hinge, they are not joined any more when converted to composited blueprint.

I’ve been playing around with blueprints a bit on trying to build a small town with re-useable building parts. Simply put, they slow the thing down to 18fps! Whereas when I look at a similar section of my town built with groups, I get 34fps! A bit of a difference I’d say. That’s why I suggested the saving “group” thing in the first place since large number of blueprints in an area seem to kill performance.

Hi Demolition Man,

You do have the ability to group objects by selecting all of the desired meshes>right click>group. This will allow you to group the meshes together and move them as you need to. If you are having trouble with blueprint framerate, it may be a good idea to look into instanced static meshes instead of just static meshes to reduce the number of draw calls your blueprints are making. To replace the collision components you can call boxcomponents set to blockall and adjust them as you would a blocking volume. These do not have any draw calls so you won’t have to worry about them taking up much space.

Hi Adam,
First off, thanks for all the great streams on Twitch! I try to watch them each week and I’ve learned a lot about the engine so thank you for all your efforts in making that happen!

As for the grouping thing, I’ve been doing the grouping with some assets in a sort of sandbox “test” level. The groups work great! I especially like the lock and unlock feature which has allowed me to tweak the groups within the test level. That is awesome stuff. I will have to give your suggestion a try of using instanced static meshes in the blueprints instead of static meshes. I think that might work pretty well since I am reusing many of the pieces over and over again within the blueprints. It would make sense that the blueprints would slow this down if they are not re-using the meshes. I just figured that they did. Silly me…