Feature for render image & video on high resolutions

I know it’s nothing to do about gameplay but can you make a feature about rendering an image on high resolutions in directly from editor? For example I want to have a 4K resolution image but I don’t have a 4k screen. So I can’t grab a screenshot. Can you implement a render image (and video would be awesome) to the engine?

I know this sounds like a 3D animation software feature but I think for lots of reasons like making high res designs & posters about the projects, we need extremely high res images from ingame. More higher than an average screenshot. Or is there a feature like this and I don’t know yet I wonder? Because I couldn’t find it?

If you mean viewport screenshots without the editor interface you can use the High Resolution Screenshot tool in Viewport Options(white arrow in the top left corner of perspective view.) For in-game you can also use highresshot console command to take screenshots.

oh yes! thank you!