Feature Film / Web Series

Project Title:
Without You - Feature Film / Web Series

Odesio Robles is a high school drop out perfectly content with his life as a two-bit hustler. He lives with his grandmother (Momma Maria) and is a father figure to his niece Dana. His world is turned upside down when he meets and falls in love with Laney, the daughter of Frank Watkins a powerful business magnate.

When presented with the offer to become a professional mixed martial artist, he takes it as an opportunity to provide for her the lifestyle she is accustomed to. Unbeknownst to Laney, her father made his fortune as a high ranking figure in a major crime syndicate. While Odesio is away making a name for himself, Frank Watkin’s business falls apart and and his life is placed in jeopardy within his cartel. Laney is forced to make a life altering choice between saving her father’s life by marrying the son of the rival syndicate so as to help join the two families or staying with her true love.

Without You is a unique mixture of action paced sports drama along the lines of Rocky combined with crime drama elements of such films like The Godfather and romantic comedy.

A unique and innovative 2D character animation process that combines hand drawn traditional animation and motion capture.
3D environments and post processing via Unreal Game Engine
Project is a feature film that is broken down into an 8 episode series.
Final project with be reminiscent of the 2d feature films created in the 90 by Disney, DreamWorks, and Warner Brothers. Except will be developed under little to no budget and limited crew.

The principle aim of the project is to prove that feature quality 2D can in fact be created using little to no budgets using consumer available means. The script is a solid, action packed romantic drama which would work perfectly fine as a traditional big budget live action summer film if i wanted to.

All actors are volunteers, while some are relatively unknown, we also have a few prominent name actors from Mexican cinema also donating their voice talents, including Estralla Almada Cervantes, Oscar Traven, Leonel Gonzalez, and Fernado Saenz.

Im happy announce that NOITOM the makers of Perception Neuron have placed their faith in this project and graciously donated the motion capture equipment that will be used in the performance capture portion of the project.

Team Name:
Cinestar Interactive

Talent Required:

2D Artists

  • Able to draw professional quality characters art and assets.
  • Able to work with Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate is a major plus.
  • Expected to create additional characters, props, and general 2D assets.
  • Story boarders and concept artists are also welcomed

3D Artists

  • Ability to export to FBX format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in maze generation.
  • Expected to put together the “levels” aka the scene environments where the action will take place. Basically similar to game levels but made for filming the action within UE.

UE Cinematographer

  • Will composite elements within UE and generate shots
  • Will work with cameras and cinematic aspects of UE
  • Will set up lights and work with any required post processing

Project Manager

Would love to have someone on board strictly for the clerical/marketing/corporate stuff. Someone who is familiar with crowdfunding and overall managing a team and keeping people on task as well as managing, maintaining, and even recruiting the right team members and ultimately working out any kind of payment details for the whole team if funding were to actually be obtained.

Contact: E-mail:
Talk/Text: 832.315…6615

About Me: (Ibis Fernandez)

I’m an animator with over 20 years experience and have worked on various projects for film, tv, and the web. One of my last projects was a 12 episode web series for DC and Mattel called Batman Missions which can be seen on the DC Kids Channel and Mattel Action Channels on YouTube. We used my mocap to 2d technique in that series to bring to life the action figures. Back in the day I wrote one of the most widely distributed books on how to animate using Flash, was used in various universities as a text book for a long time. I’ve also developed a lot of my own tools including a cel shading and ink and paint app which has been used by various major studios like Disney and Nickelodeon to color their cartoons, and a rigging plugin for Adobe Animate that allows me to fairly quickly rig up 2d hand drawn artwork for use with motion capture. Feel free to check out my youtube channel and IMDb for the type of work I do.