FDArt - An Apartment in Amman

Hi everyone,

here is one of my first works.
Any comment or suggestion will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

[video]FDArt | ArchViz interior - Unreal Engine | An Apartment in Amman - YouTube

Thank you

Francesco De Angelis

Looks good, but could use a bit more light I think, to lit up the room a bit.

Hi tupikp,

thanks for the suggestion. I tried many light configuration but because of the two big windows and the glasses (two layers in the balcony) I still couldn’t find the “perfect” lighting setup. For what is more the outside is very bright and so there is always an exposure change looking towards the windows.
By the way did you watch the video? I would like to embed it but I don’t know how, I just posted the link.

Thanx again and thanx to all the Unreal staff for creating this awesome engine!

Some more screenshots