I recently started working with the Unreal Engine (currently using 4.25.3). I started with the basics but the first map I started with grew to a point where optimization started to be a problem. I checked if I set up LODs, mipmaps everywhere and increased texture compression (I used 4k at the beginning. A bit overkill, but at the beginning the scene was very small. With time inside the engine I set the maximum displayed size of the textures to 1k or sometimes 2k.)

Even so, I still had regular drops in FPS. Surprisingly, I noticed that the drops occurred at a very regular interval, regardless of what was displayed on the screen. I reinstalled the engine, removed the DDC … and I am unable to load project. It always stops at 95% and displays a crash. There is always a line in the log:

LogCompression: Error: FCompression::UncompressMemory - Failed to uncompress memory (131118/131072) from address 0000023E1FCDE140 using format Zlib, this may indicate the asset is corrupt!

at the end. I’ve already cleaned drives and increased virtual memory but that didn’t help.

What else can I try?


I tried use Autosaves for this map, but none of them worked. Also I am able to load other maps. Only map in \ Content \ First Person \ Maps is damaged.

did you ever resolve this error?