FCameraFocusSettings only possibly set by blueprint ?

Hello guys,
I am using a CineCameraComponent in my projects and since then I used a FCameraTrackingFocusSettings (which is part of the structure FCameraFocusSettings) in blueprint and has no trouble making a new structure and setting it directly to the camera.
I thought I would have the same thing happening in cpp (am converting my camera) but when using the camera pointer no such setter method exists. Searched everywhere but couldnt find anything.
Do you know if I have to cast my camera or something to access the blueprintcallable function ? Do I have to use delegate in order to call a function inside the blueprint (which seems kind of a mess).

Any help appreciated !
Thanks a lot!

There is a public variable on the UCineCameraComponent called FocusSettings, is that what you want to change? Maybe you are trying to find it on a ACineCameraActor and not the component?

Wow I was so focused finding getters and setters that I didn’t realized the setting wasnt even encapsulated ;D. Thanks a lot !
So, if anyone else is searching, the answer is smtg like that :

    currentCamera->FocusSettings.FocusMethod = ECameraFocusMethod::Tracking; // set the focus tracking
    currentCamera->FocusSettings.TrackingFocusSettings.ActorToTrack = theWatch; // focus the watch

Thanks Fluppi !