Hi :slight_smile: So anyways i have been looking for a while and i cant seem to find the download for FBX (To import models etc into UE4) btw im a newbie Could somebody maybe gimme a link please ?

https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Content/FBX/ImportOptions/index.html Hope thats of some help :slight_smile:

It Depends your 3D application, it’s native in 3DSMax by example…

download FBX of what? if you mean examples, they are in the learn tab of the launcher, donwnload the whole project and you will hav some meshes inside.

wow you guys are really helpful :slight_smile: thank you! and i ment FBX like Blender, or maya to UE4

Maya, 3DS Max and a variety of other 3D modelling applications have native support for the FBX format built in. You’ll simply need to select this format using the export menu within the application.

The asset, once exported from Maya (for example), can then be brought into Unreal Engine 4. Hope that helps.