Fbx with uvw modifier gets 4 times larger, 3dsmax

Hi guys,

i just have a simple question which i hope you can help me with.
i have a model of an old pictureframe in 3dsmax. when i export it via fbx it gets 2MB big and thats totaly okay for me.
if i add a uvw modifier with box method the export goes to 8 MB. why is that so much a difference ?
is there another less heavy way to export the size and scale of the maps to ue4 ?
can i do this in ue4 only ?
when i dont add this modifier i have no control about texture size and space in ue4…

thx in advance


Hello stucki,
Have you tried to right click at modifier and collapse it before exporting?

edit: UV channel should increase your file size, but not so drastically. So it’s should it okay it goes from 2MB to 4MB, but increase to 8MB looks strange to me

thx for the answer,
yes collapsing is the same 8 MB.
its with every model the same - uvw map modifier increases the size up to 4 times.
is there another way to get texture coordinates to ue4 as uvwmap ?
can i add something similar directly in ue4 to the model, instead of importing it from max

kind regards

Well, you could use world coordinates instead of model UV, but it’s not the way it should go in general. This method is used for terrain and some other cases, but usually not for simple objects.
Anyway, UV unwrapping is what you do in your 3d software and not in UE4. I guess you could get such huge increase due to saving additional information from your scene + having a lot of polygons in your scene.
Could you save simple cube with and without uv and tell me what sizes their FBXs are?

Could be an export issue just as well, what options did you use for FBX export? Usually, you shouldn’t need even half of the given options for a simple static mesh.

hey zeorb,
thx again for helping !

now i finally nailed it… while inside the fbx export dialog i must have changed binary output to ascii … and that made my exports gain so much in size.
once getting back to binary output file sizes got back to normal.
puh, really glad i found it !

kind regards