FBX Warning - tree without leaf's

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with import FBX meshes to UE4. I tried everything what i found in internet but nothing work. When i importing FBX my leaf’s on tree’s look’s like rectangles. In attachment’s i giving you all my setting’s from 3DSMax and UE4. I’ll be so grateful if somebody can help me. Thank’s a lot !

That’s just the untextured look. You need to make sure that your materials are using the Standard material type, otherwise when it exports to UE4 it will not import the attributes of the material correctly and it might not import the textures.

And when you import your mesh + texture, make sure that you use the opacity mask/alpha channel in your material + a foliage shader setup :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply! But in Max i don’t have any material on it just white (attached file and links to bigger size of image) so when i exporting to FBX a model doesn’t have any texture on that.

I found something interesting… when i importing only tree (without leaf’s) its look very good, but when i want leaf’s its look ugly. And i not exporting textures so its not that issue.
Anyone know solution?