FBX Test Character wanted

Hey there,

I am looking for an animated FBX character I can use to test gameplay code with. I am not an artist, so it would take me pretty long to make something myself. The looks of the character are not important, any base mesh will do, but it should include as many animation clips as possible:

  • Start / while / end jump
  • Walk / run
  • Crouch
  • Hit with fist
  • Hit with sword
  • Fire gun, hit with gun
  • Swim
  • Maybe hold on to ledge

The HeroTPP guy from the Unreal templates is good, but doesn’t have too many animations. Any luck someone knows where to find such a mesh or is willing to share an own test character?

Thanks a lot,

Search on turboquid or blendswap, probably you can find something there

Ya i would always suggest Turbosquid. Has 1000’s of models! I’m sure you’ll find what your looking for.

Download the Shooter Game

Migrate the player model package to you projects content folder.

Good to go.

Use Autodesk character builder, it’s free for low res models, set-up a free account and download [SIZE=5]here[/SIZE]]( :cool:

  • Download Unity Free
  • Open Asset Store
  • Select Animations and/or Models section

You can get exactly those animations there. There are lots of Medieval Sword/RPG models by the scores for crazy cheap ($10~)

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Fighter and DV8tor, I check Blendswap every now and then when I am in need of a model, but unfortunately I couldn’t a find an animated character there. I’m sure Turbosquid has some, but not in my price range :frowning:

Frankie, the shooter game character is a good start. Thanks for that!

Mr. Luthor, thanks for that link. I didn’t know Autodesks’s Character builder, and I must say it’s a pretty impressive thing! But again, it doesn’t come with ready-to-use animations, which is what I am looking for.
BTW, if anyone is unaware of it, be sure to check out MakeHuman too :slight_smile:

Sandboxgod, I’ll browse through the Unity store and see if I can find something. Thanks.

There is a spiffy free tool available for hobbyists: IKinema for Indie Animators]( If you can get your rigged, skinned character out of Character Builder, MakeHuman, etc., then IKinema should be able to get that character animated by using free mocap data. It even exports in FBX (the full version had already been integrated into UE4 before the code was stripped for source release).

Good luck,

If you are just looking for characters to prototype with or just mess around this site has a bunch of free high quality characters and models. You can’t use them commercially though, but they’re great to just test with.

Daydreamer, thanks for the link. This tool looks pretty nice. I’d still have to clean, loop etc. the MoCap data myself, right?
Mechennyy, thanks for the link. Unfortunately there are very few animated models, and none providing the animations I need.

I’ll keep looking. I hardly believe I am the first coder ever that wants a ready-to-use prototype character.

Yes Unity Asset Store and IKinema should be very good options. For sure though using the fbx models from Unity should be a breeze.

You could also use Epic’s Art tool to make a prototype character and possibly use IKinema to retarget the mocap data to the mannequins. Oh right, but that requires Maya. Havent used ART myself yet. Back in my Unreal modding days I used to rig characters in 3dsmax with Biped. Then use mocap data that way. Also, Epic released models from Unreal which helped me prototype

fighter5347 MGS, Love your videos…

I wanted to tell you your videos are terrific, I use them all the time to set things up. I hope you do many more; vehicles, weapons pickups and Menus etc. I like the speedy way you describe things, it makes for a quick learn.

:smiley: thx, of course more videos will follow :wink:

just to add, have not got to the point of getting anything coded yet in the engine but have got animated characters in from both autodesk characater creater (super easy), and mixamo fuse, and unity pre rigged and animated stuff i already owned. all look and animate well in ue4, i used animations from and retarget them with ikinemas webanimate (very easy), truebones has got some idiot proof youtube videos which make this really really easy. on mixamo i used the free version of fuse, rigged the character with mixamo (super easy) and then added one of their free animations to it, all went very smooth. at this point will probably take all my characters thru ikinema webanimate first and retarget them with truebones animations, you can also make your own in there very easy, the unity characters simply import them in by drag and drop in the appropriate file in ue4 and choose options with import animations when the fbx import option pops up, make sure you buy or get fbx characters from unity or turbo squid. also go to file (save all) real often in unreal as it is very prone to crashing and losing everything during imports. hope this helps fought with it for hours the last few days to get this far.

also just to throw in i purchased the 20.00 a month subscription from ikinema (well worth it) after the first export and plan on getting the mixamo fuse unlimited package as i think for what were doing its well worth it. you do get free options with both so test first like we did if not sure. we have also been playing around with daz studios with much less luck but probably just me. character creator was 50.00 annually so not a big deal but you still have free test options just can’t get real fancy.