FBX Scene Inport: Set Collision Complexity for all meshes

Hi for all.
i’m import my big scene from 3ds max. It contain many objects and its instances. I want to know - how to set “Collision Complexity” to “Use Complex Collision As Simple” to all my meshes when I import its. I don’t want to edit ~1200 meshes and set it manually.

Hello cin.
I do not know how to set it UseCOmplexCollisionAsSImple when you import it, but that will also be a performance hit if you do that. The best way to go is to make simple boxes around your objects in 3ds max. When you make the collision in 3ds max add UCX_ before the object name to make ue4 reconize it as collision. There is also an helpfull script to help you check for collision and export. 3ds MAX to UE4 FBX Scene Export | ScriptSpot

Thanks for answer.
i solve this problem by writing AutoIt script which click and select Use Complex Collision As Simple from list and press CTRL+F4 and repeat this for next mesh. =)

I was just trying to do the same thing and found another solution. Select all meshes you want in your content browser and right click- Asset Actions- Bulk Edit via Property Matrix. Select all meshes in the list, search Collision Complexity in the properties bar and set to Use Complex Collision as Simple. Save and your done.

Hello, how are you, how you can do that?