FBX scene import option in the GDC2016 McLaren video


I watched the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oZfvoG6qYQ ) from the GDC of the McLaren configurator in UE4. The talk about FBX scene import with hierarchy. Is there an estimate on when this will be available in the engine?

After browsing the source code of the master branche I see that FBX scene import is already in there, but I guess it is not yet exposed in the editor? Is there a way I can activate this in a source build from the master branch? And how would I do that?

Because of the nature of this question, the thread should probably be moved to the C++ forum.

I have been playing with this today.

it is in preview 8, use file->import scene. It will import heirachy, and can insert instances into level or blueprint. What it doesnt seem to do is set the mesh positions to match Maya, or the pivot points. It seems like it bakes the world position of each vertex into the mesh at import, then creates a hierachy of objects which all have zero offset for global and local transform.

Although its meant to support pivot points according to the GDC videos, i cant see how to make that work at present.

Actually it does import transforms correctly, i was mistaken earlier (issue with our art tools).

Thanks for the info Tom! I will have a go with this.