Fbx runtime import or asset runtime import

Hello all, im working to a software of painting. so i need to can import 3d models/textures like fbx/jpg-png, into my standalone software in runtime.
I work just with unreal engine. anybody can help me?, can say me how to do? an example project to download would be fine.
I hope someone can help me.

Sincerely, Joseph…

Well, Im sure there should be a more specialized library for fbx, nd dont know if you can load them at runtime, but at less it seem something in the way of GitHub - assimp/assimp: The official Open-Asset-Importer-Library Repository. Loads 40+ 3D-file-for

And also this A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

and this

i have already did some things, i have set up autodesk fbx sdk and fbx libraries into my unreal project, this seems to work.
Now i need only to “spawn” my imported 3d model in my current game scene. someone know how to do with autodesk libraries or other?

That might be a bit difficult. Basically, you’d need to create a UMesh or USkeletalMesh, then create actor with specified component, then assign that mesh to that component. However, creating UMesh is not documented and it is very far from being obvious.

For details… there’s “UFbxFactory” in the code, you can read its source. You should keep in mind that this thing is probably part of the editor code, and in this case you can’t use it in your game (against EULA). You could study the code and see how it creates StaticMeshes though.

but if I only want to try the UFbxFactory, so without publishing anything, you can explain to me how to do more or less?

The linked above example is outdated, thought inside it links to GitHub - SRombauts/UE4ProceduralMesh: UE4.7 Procedural Mesh Generation plugin

@tyoc213 I would not use procedural mesh, because I think I’ll give him as many settings like: UVMap, angle smooth, materials count for mesh, and many other parameters (i think)… If instead FbxFactory allows me to do this in a few steps it would be perfect.

@NegInfinity ok i can try the UFbxFactory, so without publishing anything, you or someone can tell me how to do? I just need to know what is the function to use, and how i can include fbxfactory.h into my project script? so i will know what are the functions used for correct model import in scene. so i will can do my custom fbxfactory to avoid problems with EULA.

Many thanks for your answers.

Erm, the whole thing is sorta convoluted.

It is the same thing as creating texture using UTextureFactory, except that you need to pass path to the file using UFbxFactor::CurrentFilename (IIRC) instead of using parameter of FactoryCreateBinary, and you pass nullptr as “data” parameter of the FactoryCreateBinary.

Try reading source code of the engine and search for places that call UFbxFactory.

Also see this thread: Tutorial: Generating custom static meshes at Editor run-time - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums

hi, i cant use fbxfactory in standalone, because i need to include UnrealEd, and i cant do package with that module because is private. then this engine does not meet my needs, I will be forced to change with another engine.

MarketPlace has a Plugin “RuntimeLoadFbx”