FBX Root Animation Fix Up


I’ve updated and released FBX Root Animation Fix Up 1.2, it’s a tool I’ve developed to remove or add a new root node to animations and meshes.

Through using the Unreal Engine we discovered that our character animations worked fine within the engine but they were authored so that the character would move away from the origin. They were also animated and rigged using CAT (3ds Max), which is a fantastic plugin but it also causes problems with root node animations in Unreal. So, this became a problem quickly. Our solution was to create a tool which fixed this issue with out having to alter the rig or animations, we did try to work around this problem with CAT but it became far too complex and time consuming.


• Add a new motion root node to an existing node (e.g. Pelvis).

• Remove X/Y/Z rotation and translation from a given bone (e.g. Pelvis), if you want to handle the distance moved in Unreal rather than use root motion. So this feature will result in an on the spot animation.

• Remove X/Y/Z rotation and translation from a list of given bones, this can be really useful for stripping upper and lower body animation.

• The ability to batch process as many FBX files you wish.

• Will work with any bone hierarchy not just classic character set-ups.

• Preview the output for a given animation using the Autodesk FBX Review application.

• 64bit Windows 7 and above using FBX SDK version 2015.1.

See it: [video][/video]

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