FBX Reimport Doesn't Work

Importing an FBX into UE works as it should:

However, after updating the file:

Attempting to re-import the file has no effect. UE fails to update the existing animation tracks, neither does it add the new one.

I have been using blender to unreal for about two years and I can tell you its a constant learning process between blender making changes with their updates and unreal making changes with their updates. So to help you better can you explain your export/import process and version of blender you use?

If you have been right clicking on the animation in unreal and selecting reimport that can never work because that data is in the fbx file and seperate at import along with the skeletal mesh and model mesh. There isn’t a better way that I know of other than to drag and drop the fbx file in the folder you are using and selecting yes all to overwrite the existing files.
I think it’s because the way unreal needs to read the file. You could try this. I don’t know if it’ll work, but try exporting the skeletal mesh seperate from the model. Then any changes you make to the animations in blender just save it out to the skeletal mesh and reimport that. All you would need to do in unreal is point the model to the skeletal mesh and it should in theory work.

Thanks for the reply.
I didn’t realize I could just drag the fbx file into the content browser and just select overwrite, that appears to do the trick. It just feels as if the re-import option should read back through the animation tracks and check if any are missing from Unreal and, if so, add them. But, hey, the overwrite method seems to work just fine.