FBX reimport bugs

There are some bugs with reimporting FBX files

  1. If you create in Blender a single FBX file form selected few (i.e 5 ) objects it is imported (by drag&drop) to UE4 as separate objects - that is fine.
    But reimporting causes problem cause all those single objects appears as na group of all objects in every single one UE4 object ( instead separate object as imported ).
    I give you that FBX file. Try to: Unpack -> Drag into UE4 Content browser -> Reimport by selecting all and use Reimport option from context menu.

  2. Ambiguous working of drag&drop import mechanism:

  • when you drag file(s) into open folder space then they are reiported ( if they have been imported previously )
  • when you drag files(s) into tree folder name then they are going IMPORTED AGAIN.

You should make those two option clear to use and visible - create in menu two options: Reimport and Import Again
cause Reimport do not gives Import Menu where I can change i.e. material or texture import from FBX file.

For 1) see cyaoeu's bag of Blender tricks - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums .

For 2) if you want to reimport the asset with special settings you can open the asset and edit the importing settings, then reimport again.

  1. hmm… Blender add-on should not fix notations problems in UE4 - this is very bad approach. This should be fixed by UE4 developers.
    Solution is simple - add to the object properties new one - i.e. .OriginalImportName and check reimporting names with that field with original object name.

  2. Try to reimport object with added new UV map slot in Blender - it does not work. You can import object with multiple UV but cannot reimport new UV maps even if FBX contains new map slots.
    Everything works fine till you decide do add new UV map slot in modeller. I will not be imported in UE4.
    Second - if you resign from UV Ligthmap generation when importing for the first time, you cannot reimport and request to make new slot for Lightmap UVs for selected object.

Can some developer answer this two problems, please?

It only happens with Blender (because of default .001 stuff) and it’s a one line fix. How is it a bad approach? If you feel like it you can fix it yourself in the UE4 import code and create a pull request for it. Good luck.

It works if you don’t create automatic lightmap UVs, you can create new ones and reimport the mesh with new UV channels created. Even then it doesn’t really matter because you can overwrite the file (import and select the same file) and it will work even with automatic lightmap UVs created. You can create a bug report for it on answerhub.

Everything clear. No further questions, sir.