FBX Re-import callback

I’m currently writing a plug-in to perform some post-processing on FBX files in order to extract game-specific data. I’ve been using a function registered with


to track when an asset is imported in order to perform the work.

Unfortunately, the registered function doesn’t seem to be called when doing re-imports of FBX files. The callback seems to function correctly for re-importing textures and other non-FBX assets. Should I be using another function to track when re-importing rather than just importing?

Interesting! The delegate should be getting a call to Broadcast in UFbxFactory::FactoryCreateBinary. Do you receive a call to OnAssetPreImport? Can you verify that the FBX re-import is actually occurring?

Hi Tom. OnAssetPreImport doesn’t appear to be called either. We changed the file to test whether the import succeeded and it does appear to.

The asset being re-imported is a sub-mesh within a single FBX file, so I don’t know if that’s relevant to the issue.
Apologies for the slow response, I managed to avoid turning on notifications!

Ah OK, that might narrow it down a little. I’m not familiar with the sub-mesh code path. I’ve logged an issue to investigate.