FBX object is see through on the side facing the camera

I’ve imported an FBX mesh into UE4, and something strange is going on. If I look at the mesh, the polygons that are facing the camera are always invisible, I can see the inside of my object from everywhere because of this. An example is that if I had a square, the side that is facing me would always be invisible, that is what is going on. How do I fix this? The other objects in my FBX scene are working fine except one.

do you mean your model looks something like the picture in the first post of this thread or do you mean something else(pics are always good:)).

That’s exactly my problem, I will look for a fix, thanks!

If you have imported from Maya, select the model, make sure the toolbar is set to ‘Polygons’, at the top select normals, then click reverse.

It Sounds like a vertex winding or possibly a normal issue.