FBX Model won't import


My Friend made me a very simple test model for me to import into UE4, but when I import it, the loading bar freezes at 75%, and I have to force quit the editor. This has happened on multiple versions of the model. Can anyone give me eny hints?

(I am new to ue4 btw)

Did you guys try to delete the history on it? Also, if it has two roots, Unreal sometime won’t open it.

Check the total tricount as well, that might be the problem maybe?

I’m experiencing the same problem. How do I delete the history on an FBX, and how do I determine how many roots it has, and is there any control over that? Thanks.

If it comes from maya and if its ue4.13 or below, make sure you export with fbx 2014/2015 datastructure. The 2016 caused errors. UE4.14 should be able to use them now tho. At least nothing bad happened when I made the test.

How long did you wait?

Some times it can take a long time to parse a higher than normal model using hi res textures and with some models I have to wait as long as twenty minuets for the model to import.

To speed things up try importing the model with materials and textures unchecked as I’ve found that it’s usually the material conversion and importing of large textures that can take a fair amount of time to import.