FBX model with UVW from Cinema 4D Lower my framerate.

As the title suggests, I will try to explain myself in a simple way.
I model things in Cinema 4D and then, in order to import them into Unreal, I export them in FBX format.
I realized though that if I export my model, with a uvw mapping, I get a drop in the framerate, it doesn’t matter if the mesh in the scene is static and with all the lightmap baked, as I said, I see a drop in performance during the program execution.
Check, if the same model is always exported in fbx, but without a UVW mapping, the program runs smoothly, but I cannot texturize the model, and after compiling the lightmap it will go completely black.
As can be seen, this thing is not good.
Obviously I need my exported object to have a mapping, but I certainly can’t afford a performance drop.

Someone for some explanation for this?
Any solution?

What material is in use?
How many tris on the model?
And how much of a drop? Rendering something is an expensive operation, some minimal drop of performance is expected. That’s why scenes/environment have to be well balanced.

No material. The model, any model, lowers the framerate when it has a mapping.
In the editor this thing is imperceptible, but I’m trying to put these objects on oculus quest.
If I insert an object taken from the market place, then I don’t know what program it was made with, as long as the polygons are in the right range, everything is fine.
But if I insert an object of mine, created with Cinema 4D, which has a UVW mapping, I immediately find myself at 20 fps.
While the same object, without UVW mapping, continues to make the program go smoothly.
The editor log doesn’t even give me UV overlapping messages, so I don’t know what to think anymore.

Could you share one such asset in FBX format (or perhaps Uasset format may be better, since it would retain whatver settings were used on import).
This one is hard to understand without analyzing it…

I assume you’re trying to import a large 3D design into Unreal. Download Meshmatic and import your FBX for optimization and then export it for Unreal. Here is a quick video to quickly optimize your file. Message me if need help. Quick Optimization - Meshmatic