FBX Meshes Are Importing Missing

Pretty Self Explaining.

In Blender, try Mesh/Normals/Recalculate Outside. The gun isn’t attached to the hands, so you may need to export the two meshes separately anyway. If this doesn’t work, then you should check that your export settings are correct.

I’ve done this already! It was a bit late but thank you!

So you did check your export settings, and you tried exporting the meshes as separate files? You cannot import both the hands (skeletal mesh) and the gun (static mesh) at the same. You must either add the gun to the Armature, or export the meshes as separate files.

I’m So Happy To See ur Concerns jmancoder, But I’ve Fixed Almost Every Issue I’ve came up with. First OF All Yea The Gun And Armature Are Acting Like Skeletal Mesh Itself Due To I’m Gonna Add Some Reloading Animations Aswell And Some Of The Verticals Are Have to move. This Mesh Problems Are Fixed. I also Fix meshes look like melted plastic. justlike in first photo.

long story short, I didnot use them as seperate objects like static mesh(gun) and skeletal mesh (arms) I use both of them in 1 thing

If U still want to help me out in off topic, can you tell me how can I import those blender materials (textures) into UE4? they all look white color when I try to Import.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to import Blender materials into Unreal Engine. Import the textures, and then create the necessary materials within UE4. You should probably watch a tutorial on the Material Editor first; it can be quite confusing at times.