(FBX) Materials not importing automatically

I’ve been searching for a while now on the internet but topics either died off before a solution was found or they did not match my situation.
I’m using Cinema 4D as my modelling tool and when I try to import my models into UE they are always blank. I’ve read the documentation about the pipeline but it’s no use for C4D users since that program works very differently.
I also made sure that the import materials/textures checkboxes were enabled while importing. Also placing the textures within the same folder as the FBX file does nothing, importing the textures manually doesn’t work, nothing seems to help.

For now I’m always manually assigning each texture to each material since the objects are very basic at the moment. But for when I’m going to make complex scenes with 100+ materials I’m definitely not gonna be in the mood to check and fix each and every material individually.

It really seems to be an Unreal Engine problem since the models import fine with materials in other software.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or could anyone tell me how their export-import method goes? (Saving textures in a special folder or next to the exported model, filepaths, import/export settings, etc.)

I’ve tried several different things like fbx, default obj and Riptide obj export.
I always had to manually import the textures and assign them to the materials, allthough i exported with embeded textures from C4D (fbx),
which even creates a new Folder containing all the textures used on the model.

Only tried with 4.6 though because volume limit on mobile inet prevents me from updating to 4.8 right now.

In the best case UE4 can only import a few material attributes, do you end up with materials that simply don’t have the textures applied or do you end up without any materials at all?

It seems that FBX exporting for software doesn’t work as well except for Maya/3ds Max

The materials were imported in some cases, only without any texture assignments. I tried both importing the model and letting the engine detect and import any corresponding files, and importing the model and textures all at once. No luck unfortunately.

Hi, 2021 here and still wondering how to automatically assign the materials with the same naming convention using 4.18. Is it fixed in recent versions?