FBX Joint Renamer - anyone interested?

Hi all,

I’ve just made a quick FBX joint renaming tool - i.e. you give it a config file containing the old names, and the new names, and it outputs an FBX with the new names.
Is anyone else interested in this? I realised that it may be useful to more than just me, and I’m wondering if it’s worth cleaning it up and documenting it for a public release. Thoughts?

I followed this tutorial, and spent painstaking minutes remapping all the joints.

As a programmer, I thought: ‘There has to be a better way’. So I made one!

Downloads and instructions here

Added an example mixamo advanced rig -> UE4 advanced rig mapping file . Just copy this over the jointmap.cfg file, and any mixamo character should be automatically UE4’ed.

I’d love it. I’m a programmer and a lone wolf dev, so I have to fiddle with art problems constantly. I hate messing with art packages to fix issues like this, so a way to do it with a little more automation would be awesome.

Perfect - I’ll package it up and release the source on github.

I’ll prepare a few binaries for popular OSs as well.

Wow man … yes please … Lone Wolf here as well … thank you very much for this. 8-}

Hi all,

OK, the tool is ready to go. You can grab it at GitHub. Click the ‘Download Zip’ button. The tool is in the Debug folder.

Complete source is included, or you can just use the prebuilt executable.

Operation is super simple:

  1. Place your input FBX in the Debug folder
  2. Run FBXTest.exe filename.fbx (where filename is your fbx file)
  3. Edit the jointmap.cfg file. Syntax is one joint per line, with the old and new joint name seperated by an equals sign - e.g. myOldJointName=myNewJointName.
  4. Joints without an old to new mapping will be ignored (not renamed)
  5. Output will go to output.fbx


Any feature requests? Couple of things in the works:

  1. Prebuilt config files (or options) for Mixamo->UE4, Brekel->UE4, MakeHuman->UE4 etc…

Yes please , these are the features I would love to have in this amazing tool -

  • Ability to rename morph targets(i created a max script for this but I just don’t like doing these stuffs in 3ds max)
  • Ability to autoretarget animations from another fbx file provided the joints names are matching
  • A visual UI would be nice , so that we don’t have to write the bone names in config manually and can do the same by referring to the two skeletons from the visual editor.

This is an excellent tool. Thank you very much for this.

Great work, this will definetely make life easier in a lot of situations.

Feature request:

  • A simple GUI

Batch options would be great, i.e. specify input and output folder, tool parses all files in input and saves to output without changing the file names.
Or, alternatively, an “overwrite file” or “add prefix” would also work.

It would be also great, but not sure how doable, if the root bone could be set to a specific name (e.g. “root”) regardless of the original name.
When exporting from Daz for example, by default you end up with the object’s name as the root joint (so either renaming in Daz would remain a requirement or creating unique cfg files would be needed).

Hi, is there a way to specify that the output should be of FBX binary, not ascii?

Can you not bypass that with the Autodesk FBX converter (which is free)?

Oh gonna try that