FBX imports

G’day guys,

Wow what an engine hey! I’m very impressed at how easy it is to use with no coding experience at all.
Okay so with the good stuff out of the way, now the not so good stuff… The FBX importing…
I’ve been reading the forums and some other people are having problems with it too? I see on the next update it will be updated to FBX 2014 import, which is great, but not sure if that will fix my problem.

Anyway so we’ve been using Revit, Unity, 3DS Studio Max to output nice fly throughs, walk throughs and rendered shots of our designs.
I’m a structural designer who uses Autocad, Tekla, Revit & Lumion to output models and drawings on the industrial side of things.
So after hearing about the Unreal Engine having a subscription base now thought I’d give it a whirl and see how it compares.
I’m having massive issues with importing FBX models into Unreal Engine, now these models can be pretty large or even small in size but with lots of bolts, cogs, parts, etc and trying some stuff from the forums (converting to 2013 FBX, importing without textures, without materials, etc) it still crashes on me or takes hours (literally all night) to import.

So I guess my question is, will this next update be improving this? Has anyone any work arounds yet for large FBX models?


We are certainly working to improve our FBX importing. With so many new users, we are finding all kinds of new use cases that we had not encountered internally! If its possible to post the FBX file that causes problems to the Answer Hub as an attachment, that would certainly help us track down the issue. 4.2 does have some fixes in though.

Hi QBert,

We are currently investigating FBX issues on the answerhub as James said, more information can be found here:!

Wow thanks for the responses guys! Sounds like some very interesting stuff coming up :slight_smile:
I shall follow the link and try my best to describe the problem for future testing, thanks once again guys.