FBX imports whole scene as single mesh

I know, there is an option “combine mesh” and that combines all the objects into single mesh. If it’s unchecked it imports individual objects but without parent-children hierarchy. Can I import it as in Unity in a way that I have single parent and the children are individual objects. Basically, the way the objects are in Blender or Unity or 3ds max.

No, UE4 can’t import things that way, it doesn’t hierarchies like that. The ebst you can do is organize them into folders when you place the objects into your level, or use Blueprints to construct things and you can then save the Blueprint and reuse it.

Try grouping in Blender.
When you import a blendergroup, objects are seperated, but reloading of assets works only, when you have saved complete Blendergroup new.
Always save in Blender before export.
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He wants the objects in a hierarchy, like what Unity does, but UE4 doesn’t do that.

Thanks guys. I guess I don’t need separate objects once it is imported into unreal.

It depends on the situation–by having it all as one object it increases the memory usage. If you have an object that gets used more than once, like a prop or something then you can import the prop by itself and then place it in your level and you can have as many copies as you want and only one will be in memory. On the other hand, each object in the level whether it’s a copy or not will increase the number of draw calls which also lowers performance. So it’s a balance between the number of objects and the amount of memory it uses.